Sony Xperia Z sales going well since release

There is becoming an even better choice of available handsets on the Android platform at all price levels, and at the top end we are finally seeing some hardware that offer a worthy alternative to what Samsung has to offer. The new Sony Xperia Z smartphone certainly falls into this category and sales of the device are seemingly going well since it was first released.
Sony Xperia Z sales going well since release
Sony beat both HTC and Samsung with the early launch of their latest smartphone this year with the release of the Xperia Z, and according to some analysts Sony has shifted 4.6 million units of the handset in just forty days.
It has probably been helped by the fact that Sony got the handset out during the early part of the year and before the likes of the HTC One and Galaxy S4 become available, but that’s not forgetting the great specifications of the handset.
Away from its stunning looking 5-Inch Full HD display the device also others features such as water and dust proofing, which are the options that make the device standout from the crowd. There were some early problems with some user’s handsets suddenly dying but the company quickly released an update to address the issue.
While the company probably won’t be seeing the amount of units shifted as Samsung will with its latest flagship handset, Sony along with HTC will seemingly be enjoying a much more successful year sales wise in 2013.
Have you got the Sony Xperia Z and what do you think of it?
Source: GSMinsider.


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