There are many ways to make the world greener and environmentally friendly, and now Sprint heavily pushes its Buyback program that allows you to grab that old or new phone that you no longer want in return for money. Sprint heavily pushes Buyback program You can get some more money by sending in that unwanted smartphone, and the good thing we love the most is the fact Sprint will take most phones on different carriers such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon etc, this Buyback program is also great because say your old phone does not qualify for a Buyback credit they will still recycle it. Sprint are striving to recycle 90% with customers help and since doing so they have collected more than 28-million phones since 2001, they say that re-using 1,000 mobile phones this saves 39,790 kwh, which is enough to power four U.S households for a year, as well as helps toxins from entering the water and air. Selling back your phone to Sprint on the Buyback program is very simple to use, when we visited Sprint’s homepage we had a pop up window show up promoting this Buyback program, all you need to do is visit this dedicated page and follow the on-screen instructions. Click on the dedicated link above and then select the carrier, then choose a manufacturer, then the model, after doing these simple steps it will show you the Buyback credit amount. Here is an example of a search we carried out, we chose the AT&T 32GB Apple iPhone 5 and Sprint will pay out $318.00 on the Buyback credit program. Please do let us know if you have used the Sprint Buyback Program, if you have used we would love to know how much you got for your smartphone. Please remember to let us know what carrier, model etc the handset was and how much you got.

We will often see major movie releases make the jump into the gaming world and that is certainly the case of the latest outing for John McClane in A Good Day To Die Hard, as the Die Hard game for Android and iOS has recently released, and is free for some users.
Die hard android and iphone app
The game that is now available via Google Play and the App Store allows users to play as Jack McClane who is the son of New York City’s famous cop. This will see you blasting your way around the streets of Moscow as you make your way to the nuclear wasteland of Chernobyl.
Your job is to prevent terrorists causing chaos in the first person shooter game that has some great graphics and animation. In a Temple Run like fashion you control your character has he runs by swiping your finger on the touchscreen to make him jump over obstacles, swerve around them, and tap to fire at your enemies.
Android gamers can get the game as a free download while iOS users will have to pay out £0.69/$0.99 for the privilege. The game features some action packed missions that have come straight from the movie and there is Facebook and Twitter integration for posting your scores in real time.
On the Android version at least it takes a lot of playing before you can upgrade things such as your weapon, but at least it is free unless you want to purchase things from within the app. To find out more or to download head over to Google Play or the App Store.
Die Hard for Android & iOS released free for some


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