Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Wishlist of potential beast

Such is the grip that Samsung currently enjoys on the Android smartphone market at the moment we get to hear almost daily speculation regarding the company’s next flagship device. While we have been seeing a number of reports regarding the Galaxy S4, which will likely be the next release from Samsung, speculation is mounting already for the Galaxy Note 3 with Android fans adding features to their wish list for the potential beast of a smartphone.
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Wishlist of potential beast
The Galaxy Note 2 has only been with us for a few months but thoughts are already turning to its replacement, but some Samsung fans would like to see the company make the device look even more premium.
One criticism from some people about Samsung is the cheap plastic feel to the handsets, and many would prefer an aluminium shell similar to what has been seen on the Apple iPhone. Trouble is this would increase the price of the handset by quite a bit especially considering the size of it, and the fact the Note 3 is rumoured to go even larger next time around at 6.3-inhces.
It is expected to come powered by the recently announced Samsung Exynos 5 Octa processor that features eight cores, which actually come in two sets of four. This allows for improved battery life with standard tasks being taken care by one set of four cores, and the other four processing more demanding features.
Owners of the Galaxy Note 2 have spoken about the great battery life on such a large smartphone, and improved even further will only be a good thing. It would be nice if Samsung would improve its TouchWiz Android overlay which is often criticized by many users that leads to many rooting the device to install custom ROMs.
Having a screen of that size offering a Full HD display seems almost certain considering the amount of other 5-inch+ smartphones with this that are now becoming available, but while this is not expected to be seen until later in the year there are some that wonder if Samsung may surprise the smartphone world with an unveiling at MWC 2013 later this month.
We don’t think this will be the case as the company now has separate events for its flagship smartphones, and if a new Note was released so soon after the last model Samsung would upset many of its customers.
What do you want to see on the Galaxy Note 3?


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