Zyxel Prestige 2000W VIP Wi-Fi Phone

Zyxel Prestige 2000W VIP Wi-Fi Telephone
If you want a phone that is compatible with the wireless standard IEEE 802.11b then try the Prestige 2000W from Zyxel, it’s a voice over IP phone and is wireless so welcome to the age of cheap calls.
Its combatable with most SIP call severs and is very easy to set up and configure.
Some Of Its Features Include:
There is a direct IP to IP Call Feature
2.400 And 2.497 GHZ Frequency
A Power Output of 14 + 1dBm
Can Operate At a Range of 300m Indoors or 75m Outdoors
VAD Which Stands For Voice Activity Detection
There’s Silence Suppression
A Standby Time of 24 Hours an a Talk Time of 4 hours
An LCD Screen Display


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