Nexus 4 stock shortages explained by LG

Last month Google and LG released the Nexus 4 that offers Android fans yet another high specification smartphone to choose from. One of the biggest pulls towards the handset for many consumers though was the relatively low asking price for an unlocked handset, trouble is the launch of the device via Google Play hasn’t been plain sailing with many having difficulties in getting hold of one. Now the maker of the handset, LG, has explained the reasons behind the stock shortages.

Almost as soon as the Nexus 4 went on sale via Google Play consumers were met with sold out signs on the store page, and some of those that were lucky enough to get through to the order page then experienced issues with the handset disappearing from their online basket. Now according to a report on Cnet the stock issues were basically down to “huge demand” for the handset.
There will be many that think that is easy for LG to say to simply gloss over the supply issues, and considering the asking price Google and LG should have realised that the handset would sell like hot cakes. LG UK’s Andy Coughlin said that the Nexus 4 was “extremely popular, and as such retailers have been met with huge demand”.
You have to wonder though how many consumers were actually looking to purchase the Nexus 4 from other retailers considering the higher asking price for the device, and it has been asked whether LG would channel more stock to these retailers for a better return on each unit sold.
LG claim to be working together with Google to get units out to those wanting to purchase one from Google Play, and earlier this week stock returned to the UK store and at the time of writing the 16GB model is showing a six to seven week wait.
There will be many that still want to get hold of a Nexus 4 but if stock shortages continue these potential customers may look elsewhere; as we all know new desirable smartphones are being released all the time even though they are not always as cheap as the Nexus 4 without a lengthy contract.


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