Galaxy S3 does battle with HTC Droid DNA: Video

As usual when a new top notch smartphone comes out it eventually gets compared to other top handsets in the mobile space, that is the way of things in the mobile game. The latest high end handset from the HTC camp is of course the HTC Droid DNA, but how does the smartphone stack up against rival device, the popular Samsung Galaxy S3?

Well for those that might be interested in a little smartphone comparison battle, we have a video comparison that pits the HTC Droid DNA up against the Galaxy S3 for your viewing consideration below courtesy of Phone Arena who have also done and in-depth article over on their website if you wish to read it in its entirety.
However, if you prefer to get the article in a visual form you can hit the play button on the video below. Both are very impressive handsets, although the HTC Droid DNA is the newer of the two smartphones and thus sports a more impressive spec sheet.
The Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC Droid DNA are relatively similar in overall size, and both are easy on the hand, and although the Sammy device is just a tad thinner and lighter than the HTC device it is barely noticeable, and the DNA does offer some cool looking red accents.
When it comes to the display, the Galaxy S3 comes with a 4.8-inch 720 x 1280 HD Super AMOLED with a pixel density of 306 ppi, whilst the Droid DNA sports a larger 5-inch 1080 x 1920 Super LCD 3 screen with a pixel density of 441 ppi, which closer up does give the Droid DNA the edge when it comes to sharpness, and is more viewable in outdoor conditions.
Of course I could continue writing out the comparison differences between these two Android smartphones, but then there would not be any real need for playing the video below. As such I’ll leave it right there so you can head on down and hit that play button to watch the footage and make up your own mind which device can come out on top, if any.
We would however love to know whether our readers would prefer the Droid DNA over the Galaxy S3 so feel free to let us know by dropping us a line to our comments area below.


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