Alpha Wave v1.0.4 Apk Android

The most gorgeous, fast paced arcade shooter available for your Android device!
A throwback to old school type shooters redone with modern graphics and intense gameplay, Alpha Wave is an asteroid survival type game with influence from the early arcade classics. Asteroids rain down at you from different angles and at different speeds, you must destroy or avoid them to survive. Various enemies also show up along the way to attack you and generally make your life difficult. You are armed with a nice array of weapons and the ever powerful singularity bomb to even the balance of things!

Choose from 3 difficulty levels each with it's own unique style of play. Gameplay starts easy but progresses based on how you play. As you score points, you progress upwards to the next wave. As you move up in waves, the game becomes more difficult and challenging! The stats system helps you track how you play so you can always see your best, worst and last score.
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